case study

Flixy Hair

Flixy are an online only retailer selling a unique hair extension concept.

The project included creating a brand identity, UX design and front-end development of a Shopify hosted E-Commerce site.


I used a sophisticated, feminine palette to appeal to users and created a logo which reflects the carefree, easy-to-apply nature of the hair extensions.

UX Design

The first step was devising an intuitive navigation where users can be introduced to the product, learn about it’s features and benefits and then evaluate which shade and length would best work for them.

UI Design

I created a simple design that supported the product and branding. It was important to present the product with just the right amount of information for users to make informed decisions without being distracted or overwhelmed.

Designing mobile first

Simple and clear interactions help educate users on how the product works. Mobile first design was a main consideration as over 90% of the website's traffic is via a mobile or tablet browser.